Kindra Queries

KINDRA is proud to offer the community the opportunity to carry out a quick assessment of the contents published through the EIGR.

This will be done by means of a number of tools which have been developed for a rapid analysis and visualization of the groundwater related research and information published through the EIGR.

The information can be queried according to the contributions related to each European Member State as well as the most popular Keywords related to the Groundwater Research.

Additionally users will be able to visualize the resources published through the EIGR according to the Hydrogeology Research Classification System by interacting with 2D Graphs, specifically developped by the KINDRA Project Team.

Finally, the feature "CSV Data from Geonetwork" has been added to allow users to quickly filter out a number of resources according any specific term of interest. The query will search for the term in the title, abstract, keywords, organization name, date, author name and the resulting resources included in the table can be downloaded in CSV format.